How to have agency, get unstuck and make better decisions ⭐ 🗝️

Different emotions
Community Care
  1. Control Stimuli. Reduce the frequency of electronics like cell phones, tablets and televisions. Stop multi-tasking. Instead, focus on fewer things and get clear on what is most important.
  2. Associate selectively. As we move out of the pandemic, spend time with people who support, admire and challenge you. Choose positive friends who inspire and energize you.
  3. Move around more. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Spend more time with Mother Nature and reduce sitting in front of screens and televisions. Try to move at least 30 minutes per day. Sleep better and take breaks and naps when your body sends you a reminder.
  4. Practice lifelong learning. Learn from the best people and resources. Embrace growth by learning from mistakes. Listen more and ask more questions. Be open to learning from others.
  5. Manage your emotions and beliefs. Being successful requires the physical and the emotional to be in harmony. Be open-minded and flexible. Remain open to different worldviews and change your mind based on negative beliefs and assumptions.
  6. Check your intuition. Tap into your inner wisdom by combining intuition and logical reasoning to make better decisions. When something feels wrong, evaluate the information and get assistance from your community.
  7. Reflect, decide and act with agency. Spend time deliberating important decisions and then act. After taking action, review how things develop and learn from errors made. Minimize indecision. After making a decision, try not to engage in “what if” thoughts that lead to regrets.



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Flavian DeLima

Flavian DeLima

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